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Philemon Part 2 – A Different Place (revisited)

Philemon Part 2 – A Different Place (revisited)


Philemon Part 2 – A Different Place (revisited)

A different place with a different heart may change this community to look less like Rome, and more like The Kingdom of God.

A Different Place

While there is no video available at this time, the complete audio is available below.

Christian Hearts, in Love United

Christian hearts in love united:
search to know God’s holy will.
Let his love, in us ignited,
more and more our spirits fill.
Christ the head, and we his members
we reflect the light he is.
Christ the master, we disciples
he is ours and we are his.

Grant, Lord, that with your direction
“Love each other” we comply.
Help us live in true affection,
your love to exemplify.
Let our mutual love be glowing
brightly so that all may view
that we, as on one stem growing,
living branches are in you.

Come, then, living church of Jesus,
covenant with him anew.
Unto him who conquered for us
may we pledge our service true.
May our lives reflect the brightness
of God’s love in Jesus shown.
To the world we then bear witness:
we belong to God alone.

Christian Hearts, in Love United
Translator: Frederick William Foster
Author: Nicolaus Ludwig, Graf von Zinzendorf (1723)
Copyright: Public Domain
Psalter Hymnal (Gray) #513

Midi song arrangements provided by
Riverside Christian Reformed Church CCLI license #462829

Philemon: Paul’s Little Forgotten Letter
Philemon: Paul’s Little Forgotten Letter
Philemon Part 2 - A Different Place (revisited)

Rev. Benjamin Browneye - Pastor
Speaker: Rev. Benjamin Browneye

Pastor Ben is a 2005 graduate from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. He received his Masters of Divinity from Calvin Theological Seminary in 2012, and has served as a delegate to Synod in 2016.

As Pastor, Ben has a passion for preaching and teaching and has been at Riverside since April of 2013. On the personal side, Ben is an avid outdoorsmen, a loyal Detroit sports fan, and is married to his wife Ellie.

Pastor Ben seeks to preach and teach in an educational and engaging way that brings the deep truth of the Bible into our lives today for every generation.