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Amazed by Jesus

Saved by Jesus

Saved by Jesus – Which King?

Saved by Jesus – which King? Anticipation turns to disappointment. The people fail to recognize the Messiah, and turn to Rome. Is Jesus Christ king, only if…

Amazed by Jesus

Raising the Dead

Amazed by Jesus – and raising the dead. Despite everything Jesus said and every miracle, the closer death gets, the more it shakes the faith of his followers.

Amazed by Jesus

Casting Out Demons

Amazed by Jesus – and casting out demons. Do we know the reality and power of one toe on the shore and one word from Jesus that overcame the demonic?

Walking on Water

Amazed by Jesus – and walking on water. Even if you have all the information, know all there is to know, serve in all the church things, and do all the Christian stuff, do you know Jesus and who he is?

Amazed by Jesus

Feeding Five Thousand

Amazed by Jesus – miraculous problem-solving shows us that Jesus is God, who meets need head-on, doesn’t send us away, and has the power to do the impossible – in abundance.

Amazed by Jesus

Silencing the Storm

Amazed by Jesus – miraculous power over the storm shows us that Jesus is actually God and Lord over creation, who has the power to forgive sins.

Amazed by Jesus

The Mute Tongue to Shout for Joy

Amazed by Jesus – miraculous healing frees the mute tongue and shows how Jesus has power over, and can cast out, the powers and forces that divide us and separate us from God.