Riverside Christian Reformed Church

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:15am
602 Comstock Blvd. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505​
(616) 361-0604

Pregnancy Resource Center

  • 06:00 PM
  • 415 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • (616) 456-6873

As we engage our 21st century culture, we need your prayers.

We see: puzzled students who are sorting through mixed messages in the media and at their local school; confused parents who aren’t sure where to turn for help; the pain of chaos and absurd injustice; calculated, pragmatic choice; pain; abuse; sin.

We also see God’s incredible work of redemption. We are thankful we serve a God who allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things, in His name!

Thank you for being part of our PRC ministry. Through your gifts of love, you are working beside us, saving lives physically and eternally. We can’t do this work without you!

Thank you.