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The vision of the church is a new life, a new community, and a new vision. It results in persecution, hardship, and discomfort. Is the Gospel worth it?

Abiding in Christ

Staring our journey of Church Renewal, we begin with a look at the man who would become the greatest theologian and missionary the world has ever seen.

The Hard Parable

The Hard Parable (Part 2)

The hard parables hang together in one important way. You don’t get to be the Eden you anymore. You don’t get to be in Christ and then go on being self-serving. But that’s the stuff we like and it’s hard to give up. If a sermon, bible study, etc makes you uncomfortable, it’s God shining light on the self-serving Eden you.

The Hard Parable

The Hard Parable (Part 1)

The hard parable asks, if that’s what people are willing to do to secure their future in this life, what are you willing to do to secure your eternal future?

Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood

Christ’s flesh and blood in communion is the real food and real drink of real life, connecting us to – and filling us with God’s Spirit.